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If George Washington Carver Left His Money to HBCU’s…

What impact would it have made in our community if Dr. George Washington Carver patented his inventions and left them to historically black colleges and universities? This is a question I posed on social media to challenge the thinking of… (READ MORE)

Meet America’s First Black Millionaire

The person who has the money has the power.  Economic exclusion of black people has been the single most critical road block in attaining full liberation in America and world wide.  However, there were many black people who dared to… (READ MORE)

Black People – Why Do We Invest in Every Other Community But Our Own?

There are currently 1.9 million black owned businesses. Most exist in a state of obscurity either due to poor marketing or indifference from their community. Last year, I came across an article which asserted that based on available public data, 100 families… (READ MORE)